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About Us

We established All Wales Ambulance Services Ltd (AWAS Ltd) in 1991 under the name of First Aid Services Training. In 1993, we expanded and became the first registered Private Medical Transport Service in Wales. Since then we have continued to grow and found success working in both the Public and Private Sector.


Our Service

Our company specializes in three key areas: Private Medical Transport, Medical Cover for Corporate Events, and Health & Safety Training.

The Past

In 1991, two experienced Emergency Medical Technicians broke off from their careers to form a First Aid Training company. Gareth Llewellyn (EMT with the National Coal Board) and Paul Bennett (EMT with West Midlands Ambulance Service) became partners and founded First Aid Services Training. They quickly sought and gained HSE approval for their training, and began to grow the company.

Our first transport request was in March 1993, assisting a 93-year-old lady to travel from Scunthorpe to Llandovery, travelling by estate car. Since that day, we have carried an uncountable number of patients. Our oldest patient to date was a 107-year-old lady, our youngest, a boy born at 26 weeks gestation.

As the company grew (also taking on a third partner, Steve Parry, in 1998), we quickly realised we needed to diversify to bring in the kind of business that would feed our families. We then decided to expand the transport department and focus on its development.

The first ambulance purchased by the company was a Ford Transit, affectionately dubbed ‘JayWoo’. We bought the vehicle for £1750, and in the first year of ownership, Jaywoo returned £82,000 of business at the Royal Gwent Hospital. We kept her for five years; we were too attached to her to let her go any sooner.

In 1999, we formally changed our name with Companies House, becoming All Wales Ambulance Services Ltd. By this point, our transport services had become so popular that it simply made sense to rebrand. We still continued to provide First Aid and Health & Safety Training right through to the current day.

The Present

AWAS Ltd now hires almost 30 employees, both full-time and self-employed. Our staff come from all walks of life, from ex-Police and Fire Services to Care assistants and Military personnel.  We provide our services to some NHS Trusts, repatriation companies, social services teams and private individuals, and work with them to continually improve the quality of our service.

We aim to provide the highest possible level of care to our patients – meeting their individual needs, both medically and emotionally, to ensure that they get the most positive experience from our service possible.

Our training department is continually growing and improving in an extremely competitive industry. All our training staff members are fully dedicated to making our service the best it can be – not just giving delegates a qualification, but an enjoyable, memorable experience from their training sessions.

The Future

We’ve come so far in 20 years, who’s to say where we go from here? We can be certain of our company values, our dedication, and our staff’s drive to succeed.

Company Values

Quality: From the care provided to our patients to the quality of our training, we constantly strive to achieve the best quality of service possible.

Personalised: Everyone is unique, and the service that you receive as a patient, or as a training delegate, will always be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Local Impact: We hope that our presence in Wales will help to improve the sectors we work in. Already our presence has had an impact on Private Ambulance Services in Wales. We aim to continue growing and improving standards in the Welsh Private Healthcare Sector.

Innovation: Medical Transport is not a bussing service. First Aid cannot be learned effectively from a book. Our company is continually searching for new methods, new equipment, new faces, new attitudes. We must always ‘move with the times’.

Dedication: We are here for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our dedication is to you, the service user. Without your faith and satisfaction in our services, we would never succeed.