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Intermediate Life Support


This course is aimed at first aiders and emergency care staff who wish to enhance their skills in resuscitation adjuncts.

Employers who have identified hazards such as asphyxiants, or other workplace factors that potentially present a risk of severe personal injury, or risk to human life , will benefit from their first aiders being trained in the ability to recognise, respond to, and manage situations requiring an enhanced set of skills.


Topics include;

  • the chain of survival,
  • assessing an incident,
  • casualty assessment,
  • managing an unresponsive casualty,
  • recovery position,
  • CPR,
  • AED safety considerations,
  • using an AED,
  • combining AED use with CPR,
  • using an AED on a child,
  • airway management,
  • head- tilt chin- lift,
  • airway aspiration,
  • oropharyngeal airways,
  • oxygen as an adjunct to resuscitation,
  • bag valve mask, ventilltions (Adult, child and infant)
  • pocket mask,
  • assisted ventillations,
  • monitoring vital signs (pulse, SPo2, resps etc.)
  • cardiac arrest protocol (In line with Welsh Ambulance Service CFR protocols),
  • procedures for when emergency services arrive.

Certification Validity

This certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of completion


Demonstration of acquired skills in the form of ongoing practical assessments .


Learners should be aware that successful achievement of this award requires participation in various practical exercises and subsequent assessments. Some of these exercises and assessments, including CPR, must be performed at floor level.

This course is delivered through the medium of the English Language. Please contact us to enquire about reasonable adjustments to your assessment(s) if English is not your first language.

Teaching Style

Classroom Based with a variety of theory and practical lessons.

Awarding Organisation

Internally Moderated

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